Fly Away

There’s a new moon today. This portends new beginnings.

Draw a line under yesterday, start with a blank page.

The fears can pass, we can be recreated in the shape we choose.

If your old beliefs have stopped serving you, change them.

Do not struggle against the movement of the universe, you will lose.

When I was younger than I am now, I battled against fate.

Now I am older I have learned, surrender is blessed relief.

How nice it would be to ride the current, go where the wind takes me.

Are you well, is life working out to your plan?

When I was your age, I too had that illusion.

But you are better than me, you deserve to be cushioned against the buffeting.

Your decency and goodness should offer that, at least.

Those qualities could bring much more, such as everything you ever wanted.

Release the brakes, cede control.

Your grip is strong, strong enough to make your knuckles white.

Strong enough to break you on the wheel.

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