I think I know…

I think I know why things often don’t feel right to me and it’s all the fault of the imperious brain. The brain thinks. Just that, and that is the problem. It thinks about stuff because that is its correct function, but it has also decided that, because it thinks, it is the leader, the boss, the creator of the whole show.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the rest of the body. There is a primal imperative that is programmed into the body and that is contained elsewhere, somewhere other than the brain. Follow your heart, is the saying. It could just as well be follow your spleen or your liver, the whole organism is actually in on the act, leading us along towards the programmed goal.

The poor brain is in reality, a hostage of the body. It has no real determination, only the organs of intellectual perception. The brain is like the black box flight recorder, a captive passenger on the pre-programmed journey. It has thought its way into the belief system that it is the pilot, and sometimes the ideas it has coincide with the reality of the trip it is on. More often though it doesn’t, and it is those times that I think I am in the wrong place. In fact, it is the brain that is in error not the outer reality, we are always in the right place we just think we are not.

This creates such conflict in people that they fight the reality and try to put the brain in control. This only causes pain and the sense of unreality because all the brain can do is present a two-dimensional facsimile of the world, a map only. The fully textured and complete world is only available through accessing the receptive properties of the whole organism. We look on in amazement when the body ovulates out of sequence in order to create the situation that best suits its end purpose, the brain cannot compute such things. Its map doesn’t cover these eventualities, and it won’t listen to the body telling its truth.

There have been times in my life when I have seen things happen which are not apparently in the best interests of my life situation. On one such occasion of which I am intensely aware, I didn’t try to argue when my body led me into, what was apparently, great danger, I just went along with it. That path took me into the total destruction of everything I, or rather my brain, had designed for my life. All the hopes and dreams disappeared in a puff of smoke. I cried foul, but it made no difference. I tried to sort it out and only made more of a mess. The end result, after several years of a perceived plummeting descent, I arrived in a place where I was given a life purpose and meaning that, through amazing twists and the agency of others, was of incomparable benefit to more peoples’ lives than I, or my poor 2-D brain, could ever imagine.

The message here is, do not allow your brain to trap you into a world that is only the best that you can imagine. There is a far more creative intelligence at work in your life if you just trust in it. You are not the creator of the people nearest to you, you are not the owner or caretaker of them either. Each soul is on it’s own journey some just happen to appear to be near you, that is all.

Do not buy into the illusion that the mind is trying to sell you, look beyond and find the power that is really guiding you to be the best person you can be. The truth is as broad and all-encompassing as you dare to believe.

I think that’s the end of the lesson!

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