Perfect beyond words

The brilliant early morning sunshine through my window

Dispels the shadows that lurk in the corners of my mind.

Casting into stark relief the illusion of pain and suffering

That I live with and wear like a shroud.

In that moment, in this moment, Now,

I can see the lie.

In this new instant I can give thanks;

For the life that I have, for the wonderful people, and things,

With which my life is blessed in such abundance.

For those who, appearing to be enemies, smashed

The intricate shell I constructed around me so carefully. Who are in reality,

The educators, the friends. The loving gardeners who,

With their nurturing touch, guide this tender shoot to grow

Into the tree that nourishes all around it.

In this next moment all is perfect, whole, and complete.

The dispassionate Universe reveals itself as the loving provider

Of all the experiences that make me strong.

Although I resent the lessons, I kick and I scream

Like the frightened child I am inside,

The flow continues unabated.

All is well in my world.

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