Nodding through our basic liberties

These powers will only be enforced as long as necessary.

I wonder if this is how it happens? The police are to be granted the power to detain and incarcerate us in ‘appropriate facilities’ when a bill is presented to parliament. By agreement there won’t even be a proper vote by members, it will be ‘nodded through’.

We are about to lose the right to walk down the street, without it being debated or even voted on. Maybe I’m just paranoid and they will really repeal the bill immediately after this ‘emergency’ has passed, which begs another question.

When and how will it be deemed to be over and the emergency passed? I have been told by a medical professional, who admitted to initial scepticism in the face of these measures, that the government’s position is not an overreaction but is the right thing to do. The subtext was that she knew something about this that she wasn’t able to say. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to believe that GPs and other services have had memos circulated that we are not privy to outlining the real extent of this virus.

So now I admit to a bit of concern. How is the seemingly bottomless supply of food going to be affected now if the supply chains are shut down. What will the shadowy ‘they’ be doing while we’re not allowed out of our homes? What possible reason could there be for not allowing people to walk their dogs alone or go for a run alone? Surely contagion relies on being exposed to someone infected, doesn’t it?

Too many questions. My answer to this has been to increase my daily meditation time. This seems like a proportionate response to the madness going on around me, one island of calm can’t possibly do any harm.

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