Green Shoots

It’s quite late in the evening and I should be tucked up in bed but I feel compelled to write something before I sleep. I do this for two reasons, firstly, because I know that all the people who swarm to my blog first thing every morning to read about how they should feel that day, deserve to hear about this, secondly, because I just saw something that made me feel hopeful for the first time in weeks.

For a while now I have been deliberately avoiding ‘The News’. It has been my habit for many years to never engage with television news, with its smarmy talking heads telling us what to think, backed up with selected images to convince the dumb populace of the truth of the narrative they have chosen this time. I decided that my life was not enhanced by the experience. I knew that the people speaking were just reading shit given to them by others, they had not written this stuff or been involved in the creative or intellectual process in any way, so why should I listen to their smooth delivery of the words on the autocue?

During the recent health scare hoax better known as the Coronavirus outbreak, or epidemic, or pandemic depending on how scared you’re meant to be at the particular time, I have caught up with the witless moron’s offerings secondhand. Oh, sorry, for witless moron read Boris Johnson. People around can be depended on to spread the words of fear, they disseminate it like pollen on the wind. Notice how, over the past month, no one (except possibly me) has said to you, don’t worry, it will all blow over in a couple of weeks, this is NOT a thing. That voice gets drowned out by the hysteria that tells morons to buy as many toilet rolls as they can fit in their houses. It appears on facebook so the sheep follow.

So, I heard that I wasn’t meant to go out from an angry person who actually believed that if I drive down the road in my van, by myself, I am literally putting lives at risk. Because I am not a cretin and I retain the ability to think things that aren’t pumped into my head by those who wish to control me, I chose to stick with common sense. Common sense told me that this virus will be transmitted in exactly the same way as the other coronaviruses, and if I followed reasonable precautions then I would be fine. Please understand, I would back my immune system against any virus that China (or any other place) can produce, so I wasn’t scared of that. I’ve been sick before and always come through, and if I don’t come through then I’ll only be dead. My fear and insecurity stemmed from a mistrust of the fools who nominally govern this country.

The talk of ‘special powers’ being given to police to prevent me from driving around in my home town, despite not being within coughing distance of another person and carrying no infection anyway. Them having the power to issue a fine for me exercising my civil liberties, and for that to be binding, is what scares me. Today I went to London to drive around the city and experience the post-apocalyptic feel for myself, each time I saw a police car, and that was really often, I had the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I used to get as a junkie back in the good old days, holding quantities of illegal drugs and driving with no tax, insurance, or license. I should not feel that way in this free country.

Back to the point. As I was about to close my laptop tonight and go to bed, I took a deep breath and opened the BBC News website, knowing it was a bad idea but being unable to resist. What I saw there gave me hope! I know, it is amazing and may never happen again.

I read about Gove, another witless cretin, giving a press conference and something in the reporting took me by surprise. Many people would read it and not notice the subtle shift, so let me point out the change.

“It comes as the biggest daily increase in the number of people who have died with coronavirus in the UK – 381 – was reported.

As of 17:00 BST on Monday, the total number of UK deaths linked to the virus was 1,789.”

The bit that surprised me and made me glad I had looked was the use of the ‘died with’ and not ‘died from’, which has been the go to on all news media recently. The lie that this virus is a deadly killer has started to be rewritten. Also ‘deaths linked to the virus’ is a refreshing and more accurate way of describing what has been happening. This virus may kill some people who are not sick already but they would be outliers on a graph which accurately showed progress of the disease. This new rhetoric gave me hope because it appears there is a dieback of hysteria, and although many people will not know why they feel calmer reading that report, the net effect is what matters in the end.

There was a quote from an NHS spokesman later in the piece: He said that there was ‘still headroom in the NHS to treat new patients’, a way of saying that the dire predictions were not going to play out and they would not be swamped. Many don’t realise that on average 51,000 people die every month of every year in this country, perhaps if they knew this, they wouldn’t panic about a number of deaths that is probably lower than average for this time of year.

So, I am going to bed in a hopeful frame of mind. I hope my faithful followers will spread this message of hope around. Another week and this will start to be a thing of the past. As someone said to me today, it will be like September 11, no one will remember and no one will give a fuck.

Amen to that

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