New World Order

There is a possibility that I may regret posting this, but for now I feel it needs to be said.

It is my belief that when this enormous trap snaps shut and the new world order is established, with head-nerd Bill Gates in command and Bono as his chief of propaganda service, the level of misery will makes us envy the ones who died before seeing the shape it will take.

There is little doubt, now, that the virus scam is a cover for the huge re-financing of the world economy. The actions of the various major governments, their strategy in the face of little or no evidence of any real health threat, points to some other cause than a virus pandemic.

The way that the US and the UK governments have behaved, closing down the economy, making millions of people unemployed, looks like a worldwide stocktake, The virus is just a cover hiding the sleight of hand, distracting and misdirecting the audience’s attention. The warnings to stay inside and stop supporting your local businesses, while still paying Amazon and the other big online providers so they can grown bigger still, means that the little ones will not be able to come back afterwards. The only coffee you’ll be allowed will be from starbucks, and it will be as shit as it was before.

Bill Gates has gone on the record saying that he thinks everyone should be kept indoors until a vaccination is available, that will be another eighteen months he tells us. Can you imagine if he gets his way, will anyone remember what it was like before, will you? Will you remember walking in the park with your family, or meeting with someone for a coffee? I joked before about the overcrowding situation, that soon we would be allocated a fifteen-minute slot at the exercise venue, that could be the reality soon. Already, the police have put ‘DO NOT CROSS’ tape at all park entrances. They are confronting private citizens going about their lives and sending them home. All this with absolutely no quantifiable evidence that there is anything really going on virus-wise.

The government has ordered all deaths to be attributed to C-19 no matter the real cause. In this way they can point to the devastation it is causing. Sadly for them, the figures still don’t show anything unusual going on in the average death rate in this country (or any other, for that matter), so they have resorted to propaganda (photoshopped pictures of NHS ‘heroes’ with bruises from PPE on their faces), coercion (police tactics) and outright lies (reconfigured cause of death stats). This is all backed up by the thought police on social media. People being encouraged to shop their neighbours for going out more than they ‘should’, calling the police to building sites where people are working to pay their bills and support their families. This is happening now. And then, when they feel resolve is weakening, they rope in dear old Liz to stiffen those sinews and upper lips. We’ll meet again? Ha!

There are some people who are prepared to believe that it is a lie, but they are being shamed by friends into staying home. It should be remembered that there is no testing of sick people in hospital or anywhere else to know if this virus is present in them. There has been a memo circulated to hospitals telling staff that if they suspect the person has it then they must mention it on the death certificate. Remember also, that the ‘mild symptoms’ that the great majority would notice, are the same as the symptoms that your kids experience ten times a year with colds and every other virus that’s going around. Note too, that the people dying of pneumonia are the same ones who would die of pneumonia anyway, just check the ONS figures. Those unemotional number crunchers don’t feel anything, they just record deaths as they happen. These figures are freely available from their website.

You may say that this couldn’t be happening and I am mad to think our government would do such a thing, but remember 2008 and what they did then? Bailing out the banks with trillions of pounds of freshly printed money under the cover of the the housing collapse. And where did all that money go? straight into the pockets of the people who caused the collapse. We all saw it happen, we all poured our vitriolic anger out on facebook and did nothing else, sharing the blame between the bankers and the hapless idiots who held the sub-prime mortgages that made homes, a once rock-solid investment, into a rotten liability. Well, it is happening again. Another excuse for the world economy to take money from the pockets of the less-haves and give it to the rich cunts. If you look at what is happening and suspend disbelief, you will know that this is exactly what is going on. Millions of people with low equity in their properties will lose them to the banks who hold the mortgages, a massive land-grab on an unprecedented scale. The good sheep are staying inside while the houses they hide out in are stolen from under them.

That’s enough for now, but I want to finish by articulating one deeply felt hope. I hope I am wrong about all this. I dearly hope that Flourish, my local craft bakery, will serve me breakfast and coffee again soon. It is my fervent wish that if you are putting off anything important for a ‘better time’, that you will have the opportunity to enjoy what you desire. I have held off writing this because I don’t want to give energy to it, but now I am doing what I feel I need to do. I am going to work as normal, I am paying my lads so they can pay their rent and feed their families. They are the backbone of this country, it is not the actors with bruises painted on their faces who deserve applause.

Go outside, I say, resist the oppression and opprobrium of the facebook sheep. It is a lovely spring day, remember what it used to feel like to be alive.

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