List 2

Who ever said things that you like should be restricted to ten? This list is much harder than the list of films because there are so many great musicians that I have listened to over the years, and their music is inextricably linked to the key moments of my life. Getting stoned for the first time to Pink Floyd, the soundtrack to kissing a girlfriend for the first time, something that happened to be playing at a party when something happened, there are so many more possibilities than for films which require longer attention spans and are fewer in number. There were lots that didn’t get into the list here and they were of no less significance than the ones that did, there just wasn’t room. I am certain that I will regret including some and leaving others out, but this is the list I am going with.

1/ Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

2/ Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

3/ The Doors – The Doors

4/ Ode to Joy – Beethoven

5/ Exile on Main Street – Rolling Stones

6/ Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan

7/ Countdown to Ecstasy – Steely Dan

8/ The White Album – The Beatles

9/ Nevermind – NIrvana

10/ The Asylum Years – Tom Waits

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