Are you in or out?

So, it is time to decide. The big question is; are you in or out?

In the days of wooden warships, there was an expression ‘nail your colours to the mast’. This meant that before going into battle they would take the flag and nail it in place so that it couldn’t be run down when things got hairy, thereby preventing surrender of the ship. They knew it was going to be bad and that they would want to quit so they made it impossible to chicken out.

There has been talk in the past couple of days about extending ‘lockdown’ for eighteen months, until Bill Gates can produce a vaccine and we can all be compulsorily injected with this experimental drug. He is doing this in the interests of humanity, of course, heaven forbid he would be after some return for the multi-billion dollar investment that it costs to bring a drug to market.

No, Bill Gates is a humanitarian through and through, you can trust honest Bill. The fact that he chaired the Event201 pandemic exercise last year which simulated exactly what is ‘happening’ now is purely coincidental, if you believe his PR.

Some interesting facts that have emerged recently about the progress of C19, if it is actually a thing at all. It has killed more people over 100 years of age than it has killed under 30, and it has killed more people over 90 than it has killed under 50. Of the people who died, over 90% had life-threatening health issues, which would have been been exacerbated by a common cold even. This is the killer virus that we are throwing away our civil liberties over, a disease that kills almost exclusively old people who would have probably died in the next few months anyway, or even would have died at exactly the same time if it was a cold they had caught instead.

I know it sounds harsh, and I believe it is that emotional aspect that is being relied upon to get us to surrender so easily. It is easy to dislike me when I say things like this, it sounds as if I don’t care about elderly or sick people, when in fact I am a humanitarian of the strongest kind. I care deeply about the human race, I just think there is a different imperative. I come at it from a different angle.

The doctors and scientists who wish to save every human life are the enemy of the human race. Our system is designed to allow illness in and devise a defense which will make us stronger next time we are under attack. The policy these days is to gradually weaken us physically and emotionally by watering down the mechanisms that prepare us for the next challenge. We are outsourcing our defenses to people who have a sketchy idea of what they are doing. These are the people who threw away the greatest miracle that humanity has been blessed with, antibiotics, by putting all their eggs in that basket. The result? diseases have become resistant to most of them now and we have little or no emergency ammunition. You could call it short sighted, or criminal depending on your viewpoint.

Not content with getting the upper hand over certain diseases they wanted to push on and win the war, and in doing so they created many diverse and more virulent enemies than we faced before. Viruses mutate at a fantastic rate, they are the Darwinian poster-boy and we cannot keep up, either in a fight against them or in our own evolution. I am sorry to say this, viruses are going to win any fight we start against them

My point is that we should accept that we are only human. We did not create life and we cannot defeat death either. When people get older they get weaker, disease then takes them out to make room for the lovely little babies that come along, this is the natural order. The statistic in Italy; C19 deaths averaged over 80 years, life expectancy in Italy 82 years, this tells the story in a nutshell. I regret to say, you cannot have granny and your kids at the same time so grow up and toughen up, and be the adult your kids need.

OK, back to how I began, are you in or out? When this plan is declared; that following imprisonment for 12-18 months, vaccination of a healthy population with an experimental drug is compulsory to defer the deaths of over 80s, will you bleat quietly and go back inside, or will you shout ‘fuck off, not on my watch’.

Will the world that you bequeath to your children be the one where government gets to inject whatever they want into them, where they live on a curfew or under house-arrest just to make the job of administration easier for their overlords, where they are spoonfed drivel from the television and told it is truth? Perhaps you would prefer to hand down a place that has balance and order based on some natural design, not a cobbled-together Frankenstein’s monster that those peoples’ heroes the scientists have dreamed up.

You can relax, because you will probably find a compelling argument in the news broadcast that the way of the sheep is really the best way anyway. Isn’t it funny how that happens so often? Isn’t it comforting that you can allow the voice that says the things I’m saying to fade into the background as if it never existed.

I, however, wish to stand up and be counted.

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