The Rhetoric of Oppression

I was talking to a family member the other day, around at his place, somewhere that I don’t live, yes I was visiting, and he said that the term ‘Lockdown’ is a word more normally used in relation to prisoners rioting and being confined to their cells in punishment, than the current situation.

This started me thinking.

The use of the word ‘lockown’ is not the only example of inflammatory or emotive language bandied about by the worms in the press and the government. The fact that the word and the situation has been accepted without question is even more alarming.

In some other countries there are people making noises about this, the way the virus has been used to create police states almost overnight, but not in England, the home of free speech. The talk here is about extending the period when you are not allowed to walk freely in the streets and parks, not being allowed to take your children out of the house for another month and probably more. And how can they get away with this? How do the government make you stay in your house? They use language that misleads, they appeal to your sense of fair play, they enlist the help of your neighbours and friends so that you would feel ostracized if you went against the weight of ‘public opinion’.

These words then, what are they? Well it is not just the words it is the context too. When they mention the number of people who have died allegedly from C19 they use the most emotive words they can find. It is not that there has been an increase, no, the ‘death toll’ has ‘surged’, totals have ‘jumped’ or ‘leapt’ to the new higher figure. This terminology looks even more skewed when the true facts about the ‘havoc’ ‘wreaked’ by the ‘killer bug’ become known.

The misleading, rebranding all deaths as being caused by the virus, rather than listing the primary cause of death as cancer, heart disease, or old-age. The last is most accurate when the statistics from all over the world are taken into account. The average age of deaths in Italy was 80, the life expectancy in Italy is 82, this is the truth but who will tell you this? Certainly not the government or their mouthpiece the BBC. Heaven forbid they present the truth about number of deaths in real perspective.

Imagine if they began a report by saying ‘on average in the UK, around 1,500 people die EVERY DAY, so the death rate from this virus is actually not very significant. The fact that only 12,000 people have died in six weeks, and most of them were over the average life expectancy for this country, means that the illness is nothing much to worry about’.

Wouldn’t that make you feel more secure? Because that is the truth about what is happening now. Perhaps some older people would feel happier being in therapeutic quarantine, maybe the same for some post-operative heart patients or diabetics too, but to have the entire healthy population held prisoner, and to refer to them as such is not reasonable or proportionate.

There are some in America who are starting to make their voices heard. There was a protest today where many attended, in their cars, this is America after all. But the facts that are emerging here are telling us that the tactic being used is not necessary. This virus will not kill millions, as many people I have spoken to have always believed. Most of the people who have died had systems weakened by over medication, age, general poor health, and other things predisposing them to death. If the general public were to be told that the numbers of deaths are not unusual, they would be reassured. Possibly.

Seeing many people driving around in their cars, alone, wearing masks and even goggles, makes me wonder if there is any hope for our society. I am following reports online for the first country to announce that there is nothing to worry about from this, and then I am going to live there. Even if I have to swim I will leave this oppressive place. England has proved itself to be a nation of sheep, lazy, mindless sheep. Even the intelligent ones seem content to follow the flock and not question anything. Even when common sense is screaming that it is safe to go out, they don’t want to face the condemnation of their friends or neighbours. Keep your heads down, don’t be the first to leave the house and attract attention.

A friend told me that his workers were told they could do some extra work to make up the 20% they were losing, not one of them took him up. This is the truth, all they want in this country is playstation and they are happy. Who needs the police to enforce their imprisonment when the populace have heads full of soft cheese, there’s not a bit of backbone left.

What to do then, when there isn’t an honest reporter, government official, or anyone else willing to tell the truth about the situation. When there is such a lack of will to challenge the status quo among the people. Online, I keep reading about the positives that everyone is finding in their soft imprisonment, further eroding the will to challenge. So who will stand up and be counted when they come to forcibly vaccinate if no one is even willing to stand up for common sense?

I want to know, when is it going to be too far? When are the lies and spinelessness of our so called leaders going to make anyone say no to more rhetoric of oppression. Are you prepared to be referred to as a disobedient prisoner who needs to be locked down, because that is the label they are making you comfortable with. And it is propaganda, the language is the thing that makes you accept this, the startling ‘upsurge’ in C19 deaths makes you err on the side of caution, when that increase is only a number on paper with a different word next to it.

Its as if a fruit shop which sells oranges and apples, then changes its classification of products to name everything it sells ‘pieces of fruit’, the invoices would look different, but they would be selling the same number of oranges and apples.

I am not sure how I will do it, but if the truth about this virus isn’t reflected in the directives from the worms in parliament in the next couple of weeks, I will organise protests. There is no need to hide from this virus, your system will create antibodies in the natural way, there is no need to have Bill Gates’ dodgy untested drugs pumped into you or your kids. There is currently a polio epidemic that has been directly traced to one of his vaccines. Nearly half-a million deaths have resulted from vaccination programmes run by the Gates Foundation.

Wake up.

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