Like Trained Seals

They go outside their front doors at 8pm on a Thursday.

I am almost sure that reading this in years to come, no one will believe that it really happened.

Like in some future time when they read that we used to have long showers using real water, because there was so much to spare. And we burned fossil fuel to heat the water because our regard for the place we lived was so scant.

Or that there used to be a time when it was considered a good idea to inject disease pathogens that were grown on dead foetal matter into babies at a very young age.

How in this current time, we watch in disbelief the films of rallies in support of the leader of Germany in the 1930s, we think it seems impossible.

But, I must assure you it really did happen, they actually did it. Like trained seals hoping for a fish they clapped. For performers who weren’t even present to hear they cheered and shouted. Many did it because they were shamed into the action by the zealots around them.

Not unlike the soviet era Russians on big parade days they feared sanction if they showed free thought. Anyone who broke from the ritual would be torn to bits, metaphorically, shredded on forums by people who you’d previously have thought were quite normal, reasoning beings.

Proscribed like the people who didn’t attend church in days not so far past.

It seems that, in fact, what we love most is to belong to a herd. Unless that involves immunity it seems.

The will of the floppy twat elected leader, who is only capable of following, and his cronies, the worst bunch of juvenile, self-aggrandising shitbags ever gathered in the name of politics, is that the population abase themselves in this way weekly, and weakly.

So, if you are reading this at some future time, know that whatever you are going through in your life, there was a time when people had to do worse things to survive.

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