All change

So, what I have been thinking about recently is this government backed shutdown of the economy and the associated reasons/excuses/conspiracy ideas etc, and what I have come up with is that this is only a paradigm shift, that is all. So you can all relax.

Since forever we have been going through upgrade after upgrade. Periodically as new tech became available it would be bolted on to our lives, but in essence we are living in the same basic way as when we stopped hunting and gathering and started living in settlements.

The settlements have become larger, the communication tools have become more slick, and the modes of transportation have become faster and more streamlined. But really, all the ‘innovations’ are not innovative in the real sense of the word, they are only rethinking of the old ideas. Each one has been allowed because it makes our lives easier.

Our society has become a clunking old iPhone whose capacity is no longer able to cope with the latest upgrades. It is like a car built in the 70s that has had new suspension, new electrics, a bluetooth handsfree kit fitted. It has been bolted onto and had more bits added, badly, that it now resembles a Frankenstein’s monster, poorly stitched together and creaking at the, very visible, seams.

So along comes 5G.

Whatever the truth is about this technology, it is intended to revolutionise the way we live. Certainly, there is no evidence that it has been tested sufficiently to prove that it doesn’t impact negatively on humanity, or any other form of life on this planet. The fear that has been demonstrated by the people who want it to be rushed into use makes my hackles rise. The poo-pooing of dissent by talking-heads on telly, when there is clearly no discussion permitted, should make every intelligent person immediately want a full and frank debate of this thing.

Because there is no information available, and because there has been no data issued on the effects that this carrier wave might have, I can’t say anything about it. That is the point. It is only possible to speculate, and that allows the official narrative to shoot down opposition. They have access to the MSM (mainstream media) which beams the story into homes across the world, what story? any story they wish to tell. Nuanced in any way they wish people to believe. So then there is an official baseline that the loony voices can be smashed against. No evidence is required.

So anyway, along comes 5G.

And what we find is that the basic structure of society is unable to assimilate 5G in the current format. It requires people to be living differently, the working environment that has adapted slightly over centuries is now largely redundant, like most of the population will be soon. This new paradigm requires people to be more static, not moving as freely. As we have learned over the past weeks it is not necessary for people to go to work, they can stay at home. It is not necessary for people to have the freedom to go out at all, they can be made to be happy to stay in. More than that, they can be made to pressure everyone else to stay in too.

As we have seen, across the world governments are experimenting in a new kind of economics. Print money and give it to the population through schemes with friendly sounding names, it is a socialist idyll we are living in now. And the people will do as they’re told through a combination of bribery and coercion, but they are held in thrall.

The car goes in to be scrapped and the new model is revealed. This is not a cobbled-together mish-mash of parts, it is a seamless, perfectly functioning machine. You step inside and find that there is no steering-wheel, after all, you don’t have any free will to guide it anywhere. It is guided by remote control, let’s call it some futuristic, far-out network called 5G, operated by your overlords, who certainly know what is best for you. Remember, there was that fake virus thing, and the ‘cure’, that vaccine that you had out of fear of death, which contained the tracker to make sure you weren’t going near a carrier? Remember you gave power of attorney to an incompetent proxy, the government. Oh yes, the government, run from behind the scenes by a shadowy unelected body that made decisions and handed them down to the puppet leader who delivered them as edicts without the right to reply.

Is this how it will look when we are released from our gilded cages?

You can say this is wild speculation, and I would agree, but much of it is actually happening already. History has shown us that governments don’t tend to hand back power that was taken from the people in an emergency, that hand-back gets forgotten and the population tend to forget because they have new toys to play with. 5G will give people powerful toys, but they won’t be given control of the toys. Virtual reality can be much more fun than the real kind, there’s no pain and no loss in the virtual world, if you lose the game you just press reset and play again. With this kind of freedom the people will allow their masters to do anything as long as the supply is maintained. Like drug addicts, kids get unruly if you try to take their stuff away from them, but they get really docile and easy to lead when the supply is allowed.

The beauty of 5G, the internet of things, as it has been referred to, is that it will link every device that requires wi-fi. It will be possible to tap into any wi-fi device and receive the data from it. Think about how many things around your home that are linked to the internet via a router. and imagine if your lovely new camera/doorbell, that allows you to see who’s knocking on your door when you’re thousands of miles away, could be used as a spy device against your will. Just that one example makes my blood run cold. It enables spying to cover every street, and more chilling, it is sold as security for you. Who wouldn’t want that?

And this is how it happens, and in fact it is already here.

Release your old ideas and you will adapt just fine.

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