What a Time

There are such things happening today, what a time to live.

If only I could tell you, but the words wouldn’t suffice.

There is magic going on and the creation of wonders that

You would marvel at if you were here now.

With that damned curiosity you infected me, cursed me to ask why,

And then you went before I could get the answers.

This, then, is my time to live and to know, but I am not

Equal to the task you left me. They ask me and

Too many times I must say I don’t know, this is only

My best guess. You’re smart, you’ll work it out,

As you never said to me, ever. Even that was left

For me to work out.

Did I leave too soon, before the download was complete?

Had I stayed, was there more to impart? Or,

Could it be true, were you really only human?

You would love it now, there is so much new, there is

Magic going on in this world today.

What a time to be alive.

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