Another perfect day

Sitting on a bench in the park relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. At this precise moment there is nothing wrong at all. Everything is perfect.

The various snippets of conversation I can hear are all about some mythical illness. People are sharing perceptions of this situation and stuff they’ve heard, little first-hand experience from what I can tell.

That is a thing that seems to characterise this deadly epidemic, the paucity of people who have any real experience of it. Mostly I hear about someone who knows someone’s mum who got sick, or another distant association with someone who died, rarely is it ‘my dad/mum/sister died of covid’.

One first-hand account I know of is about my friend’s grandad. He’s ninety-one years old and has three different types of cancer, for which he’s been receiving treatment for years. He’s on the way out and is in hospital. Despite there being no symptoms and despite the fact that he is close to death already, they have added covid to his chart with no reason his relatives can see. This means that when he dies, probably soon given how sick he is, he’ll be listed as a covid death.

This is a common story and raises doubts about the figures they’ve published attributing so many deaths to this unproven illness. I’m not sure why there is a need to inflate the numbers, but it is certainly happening and the government is not being coy about it either. In the US too they happily admit to bumping up the numbers, in pursuit of funding for vaccine perhaps?

Which brings me onto the next interesting point. I’ve been studying up on virus matters and my brain is struggling to absorb the enormity of the information. I’m from the AIDS generation, it was fired at us from the tv when I was a kid. We grew up believing we knew what it was and how it worked. By association we also understood everything in terms of germ theory, germs are bad things and you get them from carriers etc. So imagine how it shook my world to learn that AIDS and HIV was the biggest scam, surpassing even cancer research in terms of misdirected funding.

The HIV virus has never been isolated or identified, the thing they base all treatment and subsequent research upon is a manufactured piece of material that matches a theory of what it ‘should’ look like. There is much material written on this by Stefan Lanka, a man who offered 100,000 euros to the person who could produce the measles virus and demonstrate its existence. The reward has never been claimed.

There was an attempt to claim it but this was overturned by the courts when it was proved the claimant based their data on past papers that went all the way back to lab work that claimed to have isolated the measles virus but didn’t. The whole basis for vaccination, therefore, has been proven to be spurious when it can’t even be demonstrated that anything exists to vaccinate against.

The latest theory is that the thing called a virus is actually a messenger released by the cells of the body called an exosome. These are released and they move around the system doing mysterious stuff, it’s possible that they change when there’s a problem in the body and they help to sort it out. This would mean that when there’s a test of an ill person it detects the inflamed or altered exosome and calls it the problem rather than the solution.

This would be similar to seeing firemen always at the scene of a blaze but jumping to the wrong conclusion. This would not be the first time the scientific community has made this mistake. The cholesterol juggernaut is based on the same lie. There has never been a link proved that diet affects cholesterol levels, there is no test even that detects cholesterol, the test they do detects lipids or fats that they think might be associated with cholesterol. The human brain is made of cholesterol, mainly, yet it has been labelled a deadly enemy of humanity. A group of pharmaceutical company reps sat down and decided that 5 was the right level of this material in the blood based on no real evidence or science at all. The cholesterol industry was born and is now an out of control monster that can’t be stopped.

So these exosomes exist in everyone which would explain why tests show them to be present yet there are no symptoms of illness, hey presto, asymptomatic carriers of covid. Yet another aspect of this massive lie, pushing for sale of a vaccine for something that occurs naturally in everyone and which can’t be passed on except by injecting into the system of another. Create a need and satisfy it.

The vaccines contain disease pathogens which have been grown on aborted human foetuses, this delightful material is then mixed with mercury and other poisonous substances and injected into tiny babies as if it is a good idea. And still some people can’t understand why I recoil in revulsion at the idea, and why I question the need to go to such disgusting lengths to prevent a mild childhood illness, which then provides permanent immunity.

It’s all a massive mystery and the secrets of the human body are ineffable, it is my fervent wish that science returns to the spirit of enquiry that it started as and stops being the religion it has become. There’s no harm in asking questions and being amazed at the depth of beauty that exists. There starts to be harm when people start sentences with ‘we now know….’

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