When The Doors Of Perception Are Cleansed…

This is some trip I’m on, you think something weird has happened to you?

There’s men who were women who were men before that, there are paedophiles who pretend to order pizza when they want a young boy, there’s an agent for the Israeli secret-service who connives with the daughter of a dead MI6/CIA operative to entrap all the richest people by using their love of pre-pubescents, there’s people who fake their death so they can come back and play another role, there’s set-ups of mass murder faked to create an atmosphere where political agendas can be pushed, there are government plans to create a world health system that tracks every person on earth, there are groups who spray poison into the sky to affect the weather with the full knowledge and approval of governments, there are people who believe that injecting disease into babies will protect them from, wait for it, disease! crazy shit.

All this against the backdrop of a fake virus which has never been isolated or identified, just like all the other viruses which defy identification or isolation, and is being used as the excuse to eliminate any last vestiges of freedom to move, to live, to love, to enjoy, that were retained. This fake virus allegedly started when someone fucked an aardvark in China or something and, in the films from that country, made people fall to the ground and twitch but never did that to anybody elsewhere in the world. And yet we were told it was the same thing, and to be scared because it was coming closer. It stopped in Italy for long enough to produce some spurious films there.

In this country it affected people’s mental health a lot more than their physical, it made them forget that they are free humans, that this is their natural state, and it made them hide in their homes for months, only venturing out to queue outside shops that had plenty of space inside, then to hoard toilet paper. They ran, like hamsters on the wheel, when the government told them to, they wore rubber gloves and paper masks when the government told them to, they complained yet did nothing, and no one cared about the children. When it became apparent that this fake virus was about killing old people it should have been business as usual for the kids but no, it was still about the so called adults who behaved more like kids on summer holiday who didn’t want it to end. And the people who cared the least about the kids? The teachers, those who you would hope would care most, hid behind the sofa and designed strategies to protect them from their innocent charges.

When I wake in the morning and think that the world is much the same as it has been for most of my fifty or so years alive, this strange reality dawns again. In years past when I would, of my own free will, ingest LSD or handfuls of psilocybin mushrooms to alter my reality, and stare out spellbound from behind the doors of my perception, it wasn’t as strange as this trip. In those days, the shadows that sometimes lurked just outside the periphery of my vision when the laughter stopped, were imaginary, and when I turned my head the relief was palpable as I saw there was nothing there. Now, in this world, the monsters are real. They want to do things to me and my young children that amount to abuse, this is their stated intention, not some imagined worst case scenario. These thoughts flood in and it takes all my learned skills to observe them and not react. I redirect my thoughts to other pictures, and I remind myself that it is just a picture. As I meditate I see that this is all illusion, and sometimes I am able to see that it is my creation too.

This nightmare is the creation of all of us, all humanity has collaborated in its making. We have allowed the poison to build up and overwhelm us and the sickness is manifest. As with the opposing theories of disease, we have been living germ theory for a long time, it has permeated our existence on Earth and directed our strategy of living. Now, the goldfish bowl is contaminated too badly and the organism is failing. This manifests as viruses, diseases of the mind and body we create by our fear and by our bad living habits. It is time for the bowl to be cleaned and the organism to be allowed to heal, so now we make this happen.

A switch to terrain theory before it is too late. Imagine if this were to be manifested worldwide by the fervent wish of children, dismayed at the way we have carelessly destroyed our world. If the Law of Attraction is correct then the creative power of the children could do this, they could stop the planes from flying and the cars from driving. It is possible that they could out-muscle the acquisitive desire of the greedy who rape the world for gain. This movement has been growing for decades now and those rockets of will sent out by all those altruistic kids have given birth to the cleaning up that could happen now. The growth energy contained in children is what the satanic paedophiles want to own because it is potent and massively powerful, when it is directed towards a common cause miracles could happen.

We know what happens when we dream about clean air and water, the next thought is, ‘but that’s not practical’, well, kids don’t think about practicalities. When they think about such things they see only possibilities. When ones superconscious flashes a thought of perfection across the mind our first conscious thought is to rationalise it and make it impossible to achieve. We block the miracle before the subconscious gets its hands on it and makes it real. Kids haven’t lived long enough to be worn down into rationality, therefore, they can make it happen.

Perhaps this is the last spasm of the sickness being expelled. Certainly all the protagonists look very ill, under the pretext of suffering from the imaginary virus they look tired and out of ideas. The freakish appearance of some of the actors in this drama make the idea seem reasonable that they are created monsters. Many look less than human like the demons in an Hieronymus Bosch painting, their expressions of fatigue make faces sag like prosthetic make-up failing, or their resemblance to surgically altered members of the opposite sex constantly begs the question.

There is talk of a spiritual revolution once this sickness has passed, of a world where innocence and virtue will be regained. I imagine trees growing through the tarmac of roads and animals retaking possession where humans arrogantly assumed control. There seems to be a battle to be won first though, and I’m not sure if it is a physical one or if it will be sufficient to fight it on a non-physical plane. If fear is faced it fades away, and there is much fear around today. There has been a lot of fearmongering committed by the powers that be and their mouthpieces, and I wonder what they are so scared of. It is the only explanation that makes sense, bullies must crush opposition because they are scared of insurrection, and this is what the government is seeking to do now. At each turn they double down, without purpose or connection to any reality that we’re living in. The disconnection is eery, like a film that is badly synced to its sound track.

I’m excited to find out what power is making them so scared. It will be the ultimate trip.

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