Art or Life

I have started to get a strong desire to leave all this behind. What? Well, this life that has no bearing on life. The reality that is almost completely artificial and lends itself effortlessly to lies projected in from those with a vested interest in making me believe.

The process has been going on for my whole time on this world. Memory, if it is real, tells me that I have been programmed to think a certain way ever since I became aware. Extrapolation leads me to think that this was happening even before I became aware. As I look around at the world in which my children live I see the attempts at manipulation and mind control that they face every day, this reinforces my understanding that nothing I believe is innocent or formed from my direct knowledge. Except for a few possible events that I lived through alone, and those were filtered by the past beliefs formed by ideas derived from my programming.

Modern life is not real in the way that human animals evolved to live, it is a construct upon a construct upon another construct. The life for which I find myself yearning is an existence with some context, not lived at a number of removes from life itself. If I wish to eat, I take some of the tokens of exchange and I go to a shop. In the shop there is produce that has been brought there by someone, not the grower or producer, it has been processed, again, not by the producer, it has been packaged, possibly not by the processor. I exchange tokens for this material which often bears no relation to the original foodstuff, and often contains very little of the nutrient that the original foodstuff contained. The tokens of exchange have arrived to me through some action that I have performed, I have traded my time and effort for these and I trade them for the time and effort of others. No relation to survival is left.

You could argue that this is necessary for our society to exist, and in a way that argument is correct, however, I am making a different point.

The more removes from reality that exist, the easier it is for the reality to be shifted further away. In the analogy about food, it is easy for produce to be engineered by the producers, for it to become less nutritious as long as it brings more tokens of exchange. This is how life becomes artificial, a work of art rather than of nature. The tokens themselves are manipulated, we are told that the tokens we hold, for which we exchanged immutable hours of time, have become worth less by some artifice. A being unrelated to the labour hour or the product that was produced determines that the product no longer has the same value. This occurs despite the fact that the hour is the same length, or so we are told, and the product is of the same appearance. Again, this is artifice that removes us from a reality with any relationship to anything I would call real.

So, I would contend that I am already living in a construct that is not of my making and over which I have no control. My actions do contribute to it and to the smooth running of the machine, my tacit agreement is what allows me to be enslaved to the beings who determine my value.

There have been some events recently that appear to have taken the artifice to a new level or, at least, to a different sphere. My argument above establishes that it would be difficult for the physical artifice to be taken to a greater degree, it being already completely removed from reality. The realm that it has been moved on to is the intellectual. We, as animals, have for the most part, no connection with the earth and therefore with The Earth. For some time now we have been separated more and more from reality of events within the disconnection from earth. The reliance on second-hand reports of events in our world has become total as we become disconnected from first-hand experience. We watch contrived framing of ‘stories’ which show what the producer wants us to see, this is accompanied by commentary from a well dressed, immaculately coiffed image of a human, which states clearly and concisely exactly what we are seeing and how to file it in our consciousness.

This is not new. The procedure has been going on as long as it has been possible to convey lies in print and to accompany the words with woodcuts, lithographs, photographs, moving pictures, digital images etc. Our view of history is completely made up of what a dominant voice wants us to think. It is now possible to manipulate images in ways that were not possible before, to change the perception of events and to make events appear to have happened that did not happen. This is compounded by the total lack of integrity in the people who manipulate and present these images, there is nothing that is not for sale.

For instance, there is a story out of America that a man was killed by a person whose job it was to ensure the law was complied with. There are images of this killing taking place, the man on the ground is black and the man kneeling on his neck appears to be white, There are many inconsistencies about the images, and it has been widely denounced as false. It is hard to believe in the story, most who retain the ability to think critically dispute the reality of the event, but it has been used to justify events around the world of far reaching importance. Police have been exposed to abuse, white people have been vilified for no more than being born, the rule of law has been torn apart with no more apparent reason than for the sake of it.

This all occurred with the fabric of reality tearing apart. Governments around the world lying to the people, breaking the covenant of trust that has kept the system together for hundreds of years. They tell a story that is so disconnected from physical observed facts, it is hard to believe they are inhabiting the same reality as the rest of the population. The government of this country is daily delivering statements of control and manipulation that create a cognitive dissonance in the minds of many. This has been made possible by our dissociation from the world around us. Laziness and a wish to be spoonfed has resulted in a reality where we are lied to by the most corrupt and hypocritical politicians to ever hold office. There is a degree of blatancy and unashamedness that gives a feeling of unease, as if it no longer matters if they are caught cheating because the trap is already closed.

This then is why I long to live a life that has some connection with my world, my Earth. It seems like nostalgia although I have never lived like that before, not in anything but my race consciousness anyway. Growing food, hunting for my dinner, waking with the sun and going to bed as it gets dark. Food that is worth exactly the nutrient value that my body derives from it and not what some fool in a suit tells me it is worth. And connection with death too. The chilling statistic that more is spent in medical costs in the last year of life than is spent in all the years before, makes me feel uneasy. We are not allowed to die in this world until our masters tell us they have finished with us, and even then the lie is spun out. The appearance does not match what the controllers of reality say, we are manipulated even in our perception of death.

So I sit on the fence, and that is never a comfortable place to be. If I do not listen to the voices of the vested interests on both sides of me I am happy. When I go deep into the woods and sit with the immediate presence of the weather I am happy. I listen to the voices of the birds as they live in the immediate presence of nature, life and death happen to them in instants, as their tiny hearts beat and then stop, no artifice there. When, however, I make the mistake of tuning in to the lies and to the desperate attempts to make me believe in one thing or another, I become unhappy. If I forget and I listen to the voice that tells me my time is worth less than it was last week, I could quickly become miserable.

Today, I am choosing not to listen. Just for today I will live without the lies of the illusory realm. When I meditate I will frame a world wherein I can be happy and I will allow my highest self to begin the process of manifesting that world. I will picture myself within that place and in that vision I will be in touch with the earth and The Earth. Immediate life will be the relevance, life that exists without the removes and without plastic wrapping.

No, there will probably not be WiFi

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