Maggie, where are you?

As I have mentioned before, I have a deep and abiding scepticism about covid, coronavirus, or whatever name it goes by these days. It is hard to be specific about why this might be, but it is possible that the total absence of ‘news’ from my life may be the key.

I never received the programming from source, you see, so it never got traction in my mind. It came to me through the gossiping of people with whom I was forced to associate. When I heard about the virus it was in the same voice that I heard about the storyline of some quite shit TV programme about which I had absolutely no interest. From there it was a very short step to thinking that it was nothing to do with me.

And so it has transpired.

Because of this deep-seated belief that it is not my concern, I have a huge problem believing that anyone really believes the narrative. It is my assumption that conscious, thinking adults must, no, MUST, see the numerous contradictory messages that make the entire episode so farcical, and yet apparently they don’t see anything amiss at all.

This was brought home to me the other day when I heard that opinion polls taken early on in the illegal house-arrest scenario showed a 90+ percent approval of the lockdown and of the way the government was handling the situation. This was what they call a penny-drop moment. Suddenly I saw why the government won’t stop lying about the deaths, and why they won’t release the population, and why they won’t stop talking about injecting dangerous poisons into the people. It is because the majority of the people WANT this!

I know, it’s incredible, isn’t it? And by that I mean it is incredible in the true definition of the word, fucking unbelievable that I live in a country of such blind, stupid, frightened sheep. This bears out my belief that this government is not leading this thing, they are following. They watch and listen to the bleating online and formulate policy accordingly, the future is looking bleak for people who like their freedom

Recently I was introduced to twitter. On there I was amazed to see many people who could threaten others, yet were scared to leave their homes because of a very small chance of getting ill from a virus. Many of these are pro-brexit types, brexiteers, they call themselves, as if they are heroic characters. Swashbuckling freedom lovers, taunting the other half of the country, the plodding, boring remoaners, while also tweeting about the tidal wave of ‘illegal migrants’ swamping our shores with the approval and help of the home secretary. Apparently, she wants to tip the balance of the population in favour of muslim illegals, twenty at a time, until shariah law has to be brought in because there are more muslims than good honest white christians.

The drivel that these ‘people’ tweet is beneath contempt. They hail Nigel ‘medvedev’ Farage as their knight in shining armour, sailing the high seas to beat back the tide, mixing metaphors a little. They whinge about halal, as if killing animals in one way is really less humane than another, yet claim that kosher slaughter, almost identical in practise, is less widespread so somehow not worthy of mention. Nothing to do with the jews being in control of the anti-islam story, you understand? Good.

I read one tweet where these paranoid fools, or are they trolls, claimed that products were being made by halal methods and sneaked into their shopping baskets. Examples shown were a wide variety of British household names, including brands of chocolate, bread, and even, alcoholic drinks. The tweeter expressed outrage that they couldn’t drink this particular brand anymore because of the taint of islam. It made no difference when I explained that these products weren’t made to some halal method it was just that they didn’t violate the principles of halal, I tried to tell them that muslims don’t drink alcohol, but they weren’t listening.

You find that a lot, on twitter, people who don’t listen to anything but the angry noise in their head. In the end I said, of the following two statements one is true; a) you’re an idiot, b) the Scots have started slaughtering Drambuie using a halal method to appeal to non-drinking muslims. Clue, it’s not the second one.

One last thing, the lives of black people have the same intrinsic value as anyone else’s and vice versa, I am stating that is what I believe, on the record, now. The way that this has been cheapened and made into a political slogan, used to berate, browbeat, and reduce the lives of all people to a lower and more miserable level than before is truly despicable. This ‘movement’ will go no way towards stopping black people from being killed by police, it will not improve the lot of the average black person, it may prove to be an opportunity for some who have been waiting to get more of a stranglehold on the narrative to do so. There will be a reckoning, and when that happens the trap will snap shut, the pawns will be swept aside as the true agenda is revealed. There are real predators watching this, they are coordinating the agenda, they understand power and how it is accrued, it is not accrued by shouting stupid, mindless slogans and frightening horses.

If racism is truly rife in this country it is not in the places where the equality agenda-istas rule already. If it exists it resides in the hearts of the people, this will not be improved by seeing the things their ancestors died to protect being destroyed by the people they already dislike/hate. To protect against racism there is positive discrimination in public office, there are quotas in place for black and asian people because there was a misapprehension that ‘balance’ along gender and racial lines will change something. Positive discrimination only weakens everyone involved. I wonder if Ussain Bolt would have wanted this type of equality, he might think that someone holding his opponents back so he could win might have detracted a little from his glory. There are those who wish that the strongest might be handicapped to allow themselves to win something, they must not be allowed to prevail.

We all want the best to rise to the top, we don’t want insipid leaders such as the crop we have now. In our social media-run world, it is not possible to be strong, it is the corrupt that survive. It is popular to hate Margaret Thatcher for the damage done under her rule, but it is hard to imagine this farcical scenario playing out under a conscience politician such as her, it needs weaklings like Boris to allow it to happen. I’m quite certain that if Thatcher did a lockdown, it would have been done properly, but she would probably have scared corona away instead so we could get on with business.

You know things are getting bad when you’re nostalgic for the Thatcher era!

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