No, still nothing

I’m trying to find some reason to write a blogpost but there is nothing.

I had an idea the other day and started, somewhat unenthusiastically, to type. The idea wouldn’t develop from its germ state, the usual tendrils of thought that appear failed to show up. I researched a bit and found the internet to be barren of anything interesting on the subject which might start to put flesh on the bones.

This is symptomatic of the state of dread that has been engendered by the corrupt and illegal government’s actions. They have closed off avenues of joy and creativity in order to keep the population enthralled by its hypnotic lies. Every thing that brings happiness is regulated and structured in the context of the invented threat.

Truth has been declared a national enemy, any messages that run counter to official narrative are illegal and are censored. Today, the US president, clown though he is and not overly familiar with truth, had a statement removed from social media platforms on the grounds that they contained misinformation. On this occasion, and unusually, the comments were based on facts verifiable by reputable studies, they weren’t the ravings of an insomniac megalomaniac. In fact, he made the statement during an interview on national TV so it was in the public domain too. This means that none of us is safe.

Our range of choice is being closed down too. If this trend continues we will be living in a soviet-era reality before too long. At the beginning of the fake pandemic the supermarkets declared that they were going to be stocking reduced product lines, and limiting the number of varieties of each product. Rather than ten different brands of tinned soup there’d be only two. Just look up film of Russian shops from the end of last century if you’d like an idea of where that could lead. Last week I heard that Bosch, Siemens, and Neff were combining, I can imagine it’s a reflection of economic reality but also it’s a reduction of competition. In Russia you had the choice of three makes of car, no competition meant that they were all shit.

With this move, it is easy to imagine the range of choice disappearing. The recent announcement that the government have given permission to local councils to demolish buildings found to be hotspots of infection, including private homes, is another nod to the setting up of a Marxist state where private home ownership is not permitted

It is still possible to find people who are annoyed that the Soviet Union collapsed, and who remember with nostalgic fondness the days when the only choice was eat or don’t eat. People who find choosing between ten types of bread bewildering. It is the same kind of people in this country who sank back into furlough with a sigh of relief, and they are many. Those who want their hands held and their bottoms wiped, they are not developed adult creatures, they are man and woman children.

While the regulated and rigidly structured system that is in place now is pure joy to these stunted beings, it is the death of others who wish to wander off the official path. Looking around at the sheeple who willingly put on an ineffective face mask because of a lying message from an overreaching government official, I wonder if there is any hope for us human adults. But I must continue to believe that there is a point to life, so where do I look for that when I can’t even develop an idea into a piece of writing that entertains me?

I swim. Not fast and not a very long distance but I swim. Since the lakes have been ‘permitted’ to allow swimmers I have been going regularly, and now some swimming pools are also allowing people in. This brings me joy or at least it brings grim satisfaction. The arrangements are designed to make joy difficult to find. It isn’t permitted to just go for a swim like I used to. I’d carry my swimming bag in the work van on the off chance I’d get a window of opportunity, but now I have to know in advance and that’s pretty joyless.

However, I make the effort. This grim dystopian version of life is not much fun. On the surface things are moving along but behind the scenes there is always an authoritarian threat. The government will close down the area, the council will destroy your house, the medical fascists will remove your children for compulsory vaccination with a vaccine which will alter their DNA, the list goes on, and on.

And yet, to speak to a person who doesn’t listen to the unofficial story, you’d think all was well. The PM is doing his best in a difficult situation, and you could argue that he is, but when you know that he lied and is lying about the faked death figures, about the true rate of infection, about the context of the death figures, you realise he is either a willing participant in the implementation of a Marxist world government, or he is a coerced tool of those who are setting up a Marxist world government.

The facts about this government’s actions are terrifying to read, and they speak to me of no way back. If they take their foot of our collective throats they will be tried and convicted of mass murder for their culpability in the deaths of thousands of elderly people. This seems unlikely to happen, therefore the legal system must not be allowed to survive. In short, we’re fucked.

But maybe not. Perhaps the followers of officialdom are correct and the government will extricate themselves and redact all documents so they’re never held to account. Personally I’d allow that if they’d give me back my old complacency. Let me go back to planning my quiet life, buy my boat and sail off into the sunset knowing my children will grow up healthy and out of the grip of the evil bastards.

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