It’s been a long time

Another year has passed in my life and I am older.

In terms of experience there has probably not been a year where I learned as much as I have in the one just past.

It feels like I have moved into the last phase of my life, not that it is over already, but getting close.

I am searching for an analogy but I am very rusty. For eight months, up until a month ago I was on Twitter and this was taking up all my creative and writing urges. Posting on that platform sapped the energy.

Do you know how things sometimes become clear, how they break through into your awareness and the sudden knowledge makes you tingle? It is like walking in high places in very dense fog when the mist clears and you’re standing inches from a precipice, or when you nearly have a crash in your car and the awareness hits that you take so much for granted. In the second of those scenarios you realise that not crashing is because everyone follows the rules, and you are seconds away from disaster all the time.

This is a clumsy attempt to explain how I feel today in light of what I have learned recently.

Reading back over some of my posts from this year I am embarrassed by my naivety. The assumptions I made about the world I inhabit are childish in the extreme, and when I hear these same things said by others now it makes me realise how much more discerning I have become.

There is nothing to say here, no one cares what I write, I don’t care what I write either.

There is no proof that any virus exists, has ever existed.

That is the extent of the scam that is being perpetrated on the population of the world, but it is not the total extent of the lies we are being made to swallow.

You may not think this means anything, but it means everything. If you stop to consider the truth of that statement, and it is undeniably true, let it sink in and percolate. I know you want to resist the truth of it, so did I, and even now, after months of accepting and perpetuating that truth I find the implications are like opening my eyes and seeing the thousand foot drop at my feet.

But, if that is true then what are vaccines, and how has this industry become so dominant? No, it can’t be true, you say.

If it is not true, then where is the proof of the existence of an infectious agent in the form of molecules of RNA? You’d think that there must be documented proof in the public domain, maybe exhaustive studies performed in laboratories, randomised samples, double-blind and placebo controlled, which clearly demonstrate that a person who is sick from a virus can pass it on to another person who was previously well. Despite all my efforts to find such a thing, I have failed. I challenge you to do this and provide me with the results.

You won’t because no studies have ever been performed. There was no need because we are all so stupid we would swallow any bullshit as long as it was delivered by a sober looking person in a white coat.

I was recently having an argument about this with a stranger in a cafe. He was wearing a face mask made of T Shirt material emblazoned with the Man United logo, I should have known better than to engage. He was talking to someone about how the vaccine would come and save our way of life, I couldn’t stop myself.

I asked him why he was wearing a mask, he said to stop the spread, of what, I asked, the virus of course, he replied. What is a virus, I asked him, he looked confused, it’s like a bacteria, something that makes you sick, remember, he was wearing a mask bearing the insignia of a football club, he wasn’t too bright to begin with. I told him that what they call a virus is a molecule of RNA, it isn’t alive and it is very small, it would pass through the fabric of his mask as if he wasn’t wearing it. I told him that there has never been a study conducted that shows that viruses exist or that they are infectious agents. He asked me what my background was, I said I am English, he said, no, your educational background are you a virologist or something. I asked if that would make a difference, he said that I couldn’t know that unless I was one. I said that I was a reasonably well educated person who can read a scientific study, besides what would be the point of being a virologist and studying something that doesn’t exist, I may as well call myself a unicornologist. The debate fell apart at that point, he backed away saying he was wearing a mask to protect his family. Another successful convert, not.

This is the ultimate truth, viruses have never been isolated from blood plasma, there has never been a demonstrable infectious agent found in blood, EVER.

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