So, it is getting cold…

So, it is getting really cold now. Winter is here and, for some reason, I thought that the new normal wouldn’t involve the usual weather shit.

Surely we can get a pass from this after all we’ve been through this year already. Couldn’t it just stay warm and pleasant this time?

Anyway, I am getting on with things as if the psycho cunts in Westminster weren’t toying with my life and the lives of those around me. I was suspended from Twitter for saying the wrong things, and that has robbed me of the opportunity to vent on them. Mind you, there is so much censorship these days I ‘m not missing much.

Reflecting on how much I am manipulated I am sickened. Not that this is a new thing. It seems that I have been used as an instrument of other’s fate on many occasions. We all are, that’s the deal. We are allowed the illusion that our life is discrete and separate, but it is not, it is not even ours. The group owns our poor, misguided arses, and this is exactly as it should be.

What’s new? They’re pushing the vaccine for an imaginary illness, it’s like inoculating for gnome bites.

Most people I have spoken to recoil at the suggestion that they will be getting injected with this poisonous rubbish, whatever it might be. The cunts in Westminster may have their work cut out getting the herd to uptake this lot, but then again, threaten to stop them going to the pub and the sheep will do anything, I think.

I am proud of myself. There, I said it. So far, throughout this fake emergency I have not complied with any of the diktats issued by the proxy government of this stinking little island. There have been many incidents of conflict but I have not backed down.

There was the time I was attacked physically by a security guard in Barclays Bank in Watford, detained against my will on the orders of the manager and assaulted violently when I attempted to leave the premises. Barclays conducted a rigorous internal inquiry and decided that it was proportionate and correct that the manager should order my detention and that the guard should attack me. In these unprecedented times….

I did not submit to lockdown, I did not obey one way systems, I have never worn a mask, and I will not submit to having poison injected into my system by totalitarian covidiots.

The right dishonourable wanker, Matt Hancock, made a rousing speech to parliament the other day saying that he is sure the people will line up for the vaccine, and do the right thing ‘for their country’, whatever that means. They managed to find a couple of elderly actors to pretend to be shot up with this untested poison, some people will do absolutely anything for a bit of telly time.

These days, I manage to avoid most of the updates issued on the MSM. I do this by not having a telly and resisting opening a new account on Twitter. Twitter was fun and a useful tool, but it was not free speech. There was the distinct impression that a firewall existed separating different points of view. I have since learned that algorithms exist which do exactly that, tweets are only seen by those who think the same way as you, thus, your rants make no impression on anyone you may want to convince. The game is rigged.

This all brings me back to the only course of action possible in this climate, it is about personal action. Keeping energy centred and being true to oneself is all we can do to affect an outcome. It is true that this will only have an effect locally, but that is powerful and ‘they’ can do nothing against this calm, implacable front. The urge to herd together at these times can be overwhelming, but that energy can be used and misdirected so the best intentions become weapons against the crowd.

There have been many ‘heroes’ coming forward to rally the alternative narrative supporters, it turns out that they are all just shills for the hucksters that are mesmerising the stupid. Like a conjurors left hand, they make us look away from where the trick is happening. It is a sure bet that if you are focusing on something it is the wrong thing. In fact, that is an excellent rule of thumb for these dementedly unprecedented times. Probably, the vaccine is another misdirection, I have surmised that it is saline in those syringes, and it is another level of deception for the sheep. Why not? An imaginary cure for an imaginary illness. Sounds about right, after all, the pharma companies have already been paid, no need to actually produce anything now. One thing is for sure, all they need to do to stop covid is to stop lying about the numbers.

You ever get that thing, when you call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and as the phone is ringing you suddenly wonder if they’ve had corona and if they might be dead or something? That never happened before, I’d just assume that they were still alive and that their life was just ticking over as lives do. More importantly, no one has died, or been ill and none of the people I speak to knows anyone who’s been sick or has died. Actually, that’s not quite true, some people’s friend’s uncle knows someone who died of covid, but they’re not real people, they’re the liars on Twitter and online hangouts, and not actually people I know. So the sum total of verifiable covid deaths in my reality is zero.

And that says it all

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