Anal swab anyone?

I was sent an email by a client yesterday telling me that she was being tested twice a week for covid because she was in contact with colleagues and children in her job as a schoolteacher. This means that work in her house must be strictly controlled and only one area at a time can be worked on.

The work at her house is very close to being finished, we have extended the place and refurbed it extensively over the past seven months, but now the pace is grindingly slow as they decide to obey the latest ridiculous restrictions issued by the treasonous and illegal ‘government’.

The verbal jousting has been fairly good natured throughout the job, we broke ground there two weeks into the first illegal house arrest order, they were insistent that they wanted the work to commence on the date we had agreed. It had taken five months of negotiation and planning to get it all agreed, no one wanted to miss the start date. They have understood all along that I don’t believe a single word about this stupid psy-op and mass hypnosis, and they have stood closer than two metres every day. My point is that when the scare was at its height and supposedly ‘thousands of people were dying’ every day, they were not bothered enough to put the work on hold or to practise ‘safe’ working methods.

Yet now, although nothing has changed, there are still no people dying of covid, they have started to put restrictions on me and my team.

After eight months of working in close proximity there has been a level of familiarity built up, and I feel a certain degree of friendship with these people. This has worn very thin with the husband of the couple, he is, after all, a complete wanker who won’t listen to anything other than the bbc version of the scamdemic, and defends the official narrative despite having no context for an alternative view. Characteristics of a person for whom I can have no respect. The wife, on the other hand, has shown signs of breaking away from this bullshit somewhat, and that spark of dissent has caused me to think that she is not wholeheartedly behind the ‘stop the spread’ message. She had to isolate because someone at work had a test, but I got the impression that it was just because it was ‘regulations’, and not because she thought it was necessary.

So, when I received the email saying that she was being subjected to the humiliation of having swabs stuck up her nose twice a week for the purpose of a pointless and useless test, I felt anger on her behalf. I wanted to send an email commiserating with her and saying how bad I felt for her that she should be suffering this indignity. Then I stopped for a minute and my feelings changed, instead I felt anger at her for subjugating herself to this ridiculousness. I wanted to shake her and ask her what she thought she was doing allowing this to be perpetuated by her inaction. And this sums up how I feel about all the zombies that I see every day, wandering around with masks on simply because they fail to question anything, ever. These are the ones who are making this shitshow run, the compliant cowards who won’t say no when the psychopaths issue the next idiotic edict.

There are several categories that they all fall into, those who want to avoid an argument at the shops, those who do it because it’s better to be safe than sorry, and those who believe there is a killer virus around despite there being no evidence for that belief at all.

To all those, and to the client who is the subject of this rant I want to ask one question:

How much humiliation is too much?

Will the anal swab be the thing that makes you snap out of the complacent attitude that has us all being swept along with your tsunami of cowardice?

Today I received an email from the celebrated NHS, the organisation that, along with the government, killed thousands of elderly last year by sending them home from hospitals all over the country in the full knowledge that they required hospital care to sustain life. If this is not murder then I would like to know what you fucking cowardly liars call it. Anyway, I digress, this email had the tone of a lottery win, I was selected based on my ‘genetic characteristics and family history’ to be eligible to receive the covid vaccine. It was one of the most chilling moments of my life.

I have no idea how they have assessed my genetic characteristics and there is no family history that they can know of , which means that this is a form letter which they are sending out to many people, most of whom will be in the compliant coward category, and they will line up to be injected with this poison.

As you can see above, the email contains many lies about vaccines, it uses misdirection to convince about the latest poisonous rubbish, it uses scare tactics which might work on someone, unlike me, who hasn’t been innoculated against them.

I have not been to see a doctor for many years except when the fucking idiot GP misunderstood the printout on my ECG and sent me for tests on my heart which, after a year, turned out to be either his lack of training or just a scam to get me onto statins, which I refused three times during that episode. This lack of medical history means that the email is a lie, and the NHS is trying to kill me too by administering unnecessary medication.

Needless to say, I deleted the email and blocked the sender.

You may wish to have my dose, I would be delighted if you took it in my name, the email was adamant that the offer could not be transferred.

My message to them is that they can take every one of the sixty million doses and stick them up Boris Johnson and Hancock’s arses, along with the proposed anal swab test. They will need to learn that one thing I am not is a compliant fucking coward.

In the famous words of celebrity paedophile Rolf Harris, can you see what it is yet?

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