February 11th, 2002.

February 11th 2002 was the day I stepped into the light.

This year was the nineteenth anniversary of the event and it slipped by without a mention.

For over nineteen years now, I have lived a clean and sober life. For the first year I kept a journal, stopping only when life became too hectic and busy for me to document it any more. How I miss those quiet times.

Today, I am living on a farm. My fellow residents are an eclectic mix of people, but we are loosely bonded by a mutual dislike for the lies and controlling tactics of the illegal government. We observe with horror and disbelief the capitulation by every other person around, their acceptance of the fraud that any person has the right to dictate what they can or must do. The widespread belief in a concept of ‘public health’ as if it is really a thing.

There is a mass psychosis going on, brainwashing of the deepest and most insidious kind. The lack of any basis in fact is the proof that this is psychosis. Since the fraud began, I have been fighting to stop the spread, but sadly it has been in vain. My determination now is to keep my own energy centred and to observe the attempts to subjugate my sovereignty.

I have learned a lot over the past year, I have grown and matured into a different person, one that cannot be swayed like a grass stem. Now, I can evaluate where before I could not. The process of learning that has been a painful one, the sensations have been akin to being burned alive as the old died and the new was born.

Today some maskhole was telling me that Dr Fauci was a man he could trust, this is the level of the hoax.

Meanwhile, in this country we have our own Dr Faucis, those who claim scientific pedigree and yet perpetrate a lie so big that NASA would be proud to own it. These characters, I hesitate to call them people, trundle out the RT-PCR ‘test’ and claim the result means something, in full knowledge that it is a machine for scientific enquiry and its usefulness is zero. As they push this lie, and the sheep fall for every word of the spell, the rape of the humans continues.

You sheep will allow this to continue, some of you are actively abetting the above mentioned monsters. You put on your masks because it might risk social disapprobation if you did not. If you cannot wear a mask to the shop you compromise all of us, yourselves included, by getting food delivered. You are the cowardly ones that are letting this happen. Keeping your heads down until it is all over.

What do you think is going on here? No really, I want to know when and how you think this is going to end if you keep doing the compliant shit. Do you think that it will just stop, that the monsters will just get bored with playing with you and your kids? I have some bad news for you, this is not how these games end.

This started with the realisation that one of the most important dates of my life had passed me by unnoticed. These days, I am used to my birthday slipping by, but it takes a big distraction to make me forget this momentous day. The covid hoax is big.

I trace back everything that I am today to that day in 2002. My life before was a sham, an empty illusion. On the 11th of February 2002 it became real and gained context and texture, since then there have been several events of seismic scale which have moved it forward, often against my conscious will.

A couple of psychological shifts in my perception allowed me to stand taller, the births of my children broadened me as a person. It is with dismay that I have to list the covid scam along with these joyful and educational events as the most recent, and the deepest, challenge of my life. In that guise, I love it. I revel in the growth that it affords me, I learn and grow stronger at an ‘unprecedented’ rate.

In case anyone reads this, I want you to know:

I will not have a vaccine under any circumstances, but I’m betting you cowards will.

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