Shills and Dupes

Why is it so important that kids go to school?

I don’t mean actually attend school, because obviously that is not so important is it?

What I am asking about is why is it considered so important that they get the indoctrination message?

Obviously, I have my own ideas about this, and it is, paradoxically, the repression and dictatorship of the past year that has been fertile ground for me in this respect.

Listening to the rubbish that my children are being expected to believe, as I overhear the online classes, has brought about a revolution in my thinking on school. My children, all three of them, were started off in home education. This began in a pragmatic way when my eldest child had arguments with the ‘teachers’ at her pre-school when she was three. I heard them say that she needed discipline and that she would go off the rails if I allowed her to be wilful, this is what they called her, a spirited and clever child who just wanted an explanation for the stupid and pointless rules she was expected to obey. One example of this was when she was told she would have to put on her coat to go out and play, she argued that she wasn’t cold, and was told that it was a rule for everyone. She didn’t go outside to play. This was a problem for them, so I decided to take her out of the system rather than allow her to be crushed.

Her sisters just followed her into home education.

Through my refusal to acknowledge the fake virus scare, or any of the guidelines that the fools misguidedly call law, my life has taken a different path. I began to listen to ideas that I had previously dismissed as too crazy to be considered. This is not to say that I believe everything, just that I have begun to request confirmation and proof for the notions that have been planted and nurtured in my mind without my questioning them. The usual trigger is when something arises and I ask myself, how do I know that to be true?

Again, paradoxically, the lies and hysteria about a virus led me onto the whole subject of viral transmission and the fact of viruses. My research led me to Dr Stefan Lanka, a man who knew about viruses but not as infectious agents, he questioned the validity of the disease model that we all take for granted and had his career destroyed. Ask yourself, how do I know that viruses cause illness? The answer is that you know it because you have always been told it is true. You may say, but surely the doctors can be trusted can’t they, I don’t need to study medicine and understand everything, do I? Possibly not, but if someone tells you that there is no basis in fact, there is no proof anywhere beyond a theory which is more holes than not, that this is the case, would you not be intrigued? Probably not, you’d put your fingers in your ears and tell the person to go away. This makes you an idiot deserving no respect at all.

Consider, if there are no viruses then what is the implication for you? Responsibility for your own health, healing as nature intends, dying as life intends? Oooh, fucking scary!

In fact, your entire belief system is made up of such things because you have never questioned anything beyond the revered person in the white coat who tells you stuff. They say things like, we now know this to be true, and you go no further. You have abrogated responsibility for checking stuff, totally. Instead of vetting information that enters your sovereign mind you have allowed them to dump rubbish in there at will, and now you have a picture of the world that conforms with everyone else’s.

At schools they tell the kids the same lies as ever, with no proof, and the kids come home and maybe ask the parents and they answer, because they had the same shit pumped into their heads too, yes, that is true. The undervalued kids trust the misinformed parents who have allowed others to shit in their minds, and the whole thing continues on, just as the powers that be want it to.

Have you asked yourself what the agenda might be? Looking at the way that vaccines are administered to combat a threat for which there is no proof. That we were terrified by various narratives which have proved to be baseless, just for them to be supplanted by another one. Terrorism was a good one, each time that belief waned and we were looking too settled, they pulled off another hoax, another false flag event and ramped up the fear. The IRA, have you ever wondered why all the convictions were overruled and no one was ever held to account for the so-called atrocities? If I said it was because the whole thing was manufactured, probably since 1649 when, allegedly, Cromwell invaded Ireland, just to have a diversion, a distraction, to prevent anyone from questioning the basis of power, what would you say? I already know what you would say.

What about the divine right of kings? What about that lie? Why, and by what right, does the ‘royal family’ live as they do, and why do people sing and reinforce the spell that they may reign over us for a really long time to come? Have you ever questioned why things are set up in this way? You may come up with the lineage and you may be satisfied with that, because you’re a moron who is happy to live the limited life they allow you as long as you continue to give away your personal sovereignty. Each time you vote for the latest fucking shithead, what you are doing is allowing them to assume responsibility for your life, and this is based on your belief that you are not competent.

When I say you’re a moron, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Moron or retard has such pejorative overtones, but it only really means that you’re slightly behind the curve. There is hope, you could be brought up to scratch with a few simple techniques, the first and most important is to ask yourself why the fuck you are putting on a pointless and ineffective mask to enter a shop? If you were to do this you might find that a cascade of other questions would flood into your newly oxygenated and awakening mind.

Questions such as; was the cold war real? Could it be true that the entire radical muslim threat was concocted and ramped up by a massive false flag event like 9/11? Is it possible that the characters they have presented over the years are really actors put in place and deposed as the cabal decide? What about the events that were used to push a new agenda, such as Dunblane, used to remove gun ownership and to make it look like a reasonable thing to do, was that real, and where is the proof?

And other things, remember those girls who allegedly ran away to marry ISIS fighters? The main one was called Shamima Begum, a name that could be rearranged as I’m a sham by gum, her story was milked for negative emotion and to engender hatred, but there is no proof of her existence beyond the pictures on TV, the instrument they use to make believe. To make you believe, that is. Once you start to question the story we are asked to accept, and once we remove the ‘conspiracy theorist’ tag from people who are only asking reasonable questions, maybe your mind will open a little more. If you turn off the TV and cancel the license fee payment, shut off those insidious voices that fill your head with lies, you’ll begin to wake up. It’ll be lonely, but you’ll be a sovereign human and you won’t require another sovereign to reign in your life. Once you stop voting, and maybe examine the old pictures of the suffragettes, you’ll see that they were all men in drag, used to push the agenda of enslaving women by getting them to vote away their freedom. If you think hard about womens’ lib and see what became of that lie, this is what they do, they give slavery a tag of liberty and everyone falls into line and then they’re good little consumers and taxpayers.

You can start to ask yourself what is the point of the latest campaign that they dress up as reasonable and sane. LGBTQ month? They get a fucking month? How and why? Maybe you can answer this one for me, get some practise in questioning the agenda. What in hell are they pushing transgender and queer for? What the fuck is queer anyway? I strayed onto the website for UCL the other day and they are promoting some weird person who is presenting something about how vikings were queer. If vikings actually existed, a question on which the jury is still out, they were around a thousand years ago, very little is known in fact, and yet this oddball is speculating that they experimented homosexually as if there is any relevance in that. The relevance is that it reinforces the current agenda, whatever that may be. Probably to undermine the family unit, to push the myth that women are no more than a construct, and that male/female role models in a family are unnecessary. This is certainly the goal of this campaign, and the point is probably the same as all the others, to create confusion and instability so they can keep control.

UCL is an evil organisation. It spearheads ‘research’ which props up the myth of viral transmission, it receives funding from diverse places including Amazon and a company which makes software for computer games such as COD, using these funds to carry out unscientific work that perpetuates lies. This is the ‘university’ ranked in the top ten in the world. This is education?

No wonder they find it so easy to make fucking complicit cowards wear masks and stay indoors, the system is sewn up tight, all the way from stupid blanket rules at pre-school to make you fit in, to further ‘education’ that pushes lies and narratives for the more advanced believers.

This is pointless, if you start reading you’ll never change. You probably believe that a T Rex could turn into a sparrow if you just give it enough time. You probably believe that carbon dating is based on something scientific and not just guesswork, but it’s one of those things that only those clever people could understand so it is better left to them. Well, you’re wrong on both counts; T Rex probably never existed so could never have ‘evolved’, and carbon dating is based entirely on guesswork.

Sweet dreams!

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