You can stick the vaccine up your arse

They’re all going for it, so many people I meet tell me proudly, I’ve had my jab.

My first reaction is to ask them if they are actually mentally ill, but I bite my tongue. I’m considering joining the party and coming back with, yes, me too.

My thinking is that maybe it is time to stop being so overt in my resistance to the whole corona hoax, maybe it is time to start keeping my head below the parapet. They have been chasing me to get jabbed, after all, I am in the vulnerable category. Over fifty, potentially about to become a burden upon the holy NHS, they want me to be dying quite soon.

They sent a letter to my old abode, my wife opened it and, censoring the incoming data, she put it in the bin. She decided, correctly, that I would have no desire to see it and acted accordingly. That could have been the end of the story, but no, they persisted and sent me an email which I promptly deleted and blocked sender.

My eldest daughter said, when I asked if she would get the jab if they let her go back to training immediately, no thanks, I like being alive.

Fair, proportionate and reasonable, everything this shit is not.

I will push through and possibly be the last true human standing.

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