Why not?

To say you did something because lots of others are doing it might make sense in the context of getting a fidget spinner (remember them?) or trying anal sex, but referring to an untested, unlicensed, liability free injection of random stuff, that statement makes no sense at all. Particularly when the people who claim to have done it are probably lying anyway, especially about anal sex, and there’s plenty of evidence that it is not without risk, vaccine and anal sex.

And yet, you will hear this rationalisation more often in the coming months, as the advertising campaign starts to work its insidious magic on the mush-brained zombies who have lapped up the Kool Aid at every turn. For me, who has not been sucked in by the lies at any point, taking a poisonous, probably DNA altering injection from the people who brought you Thalidomide, is unthinkable, but for the ones who have climbed up to it in small easier to swallow increments, it is the logical next step. The combination of emotional blackmail, bribery, and coercion, is bound to work on the idiots on whom it has always worked before, so no surprise there, but point out to them that this is what has been done and they will be so affronted at the suggestion that they will refuse to see anything.

There are people who think that wearing a mask is no big deal, they are even worse than the idiots. These are the ones who don’t understand that the mask is a symbol of the oppression that has been enacted around us over the past year, they blithely state that it is the message they carry behind the mask that matters, this is bullshit. There is no power to a message that is partly smothered by a face nappy, the coward that says this is just a coward and no amount of sophistry or rationalisation will change that.

I will not allow mask wearing zombies to infiltrate my space. When I shop it is insufferable, in my personal area I will not countenance it. The person who tries to slip this watered down shit into my world will become unwelcome very soon. If God fails to remove the snake from the garden then I will leave.

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