Humanity sucks. Right?

How much do you disappoint me, can I count the ways?

It’s a good thing I’m as old as I am and that I’ve experienced several (hundred) setbacks in that time, otherwise I’d be screaming right now rather than composing a snarky blog post.

People are pretty shit, for the most part. There, I’ve said it. Although I’m not meant to say shit like that because I’m supposed to be evolved and have a more spiritual relationship with the universe. I’m meant to know that the disappointment that triggers me is all to do with me, and it’s about learning and development. The ones who annoy me most are doing me a favour by diverting in their spiritual journey to help me with mine. Well fine, you can have that and when I’m feeling a bit less sore I might indulge you a bit, for now, however, I’m going to say that some people just are cunts.

There’s the ones who detect your haste while driving and consciously set out to slow you down, not spiritual guides, cunts. There’s the ones who bully in an underhand way, preserving the image of themselves as polite and calm, using social mores to get their way relying on you to not call them out. Cunts

I’ll own that I do have responsibility in some cases. When I place someone as a straw man, then forget I’ve done it, yup, that’s my bad. This goes back to my habit of laziness, rather than do it myself I’ll appoint someone then have them conveniently to blame when their inadequacies become apparent. Laziness is a very bad habit because it knows no bounds, creeping in its growth until it’s total.

When it’s a combination of factors it becomes more difficult to discern. When there is blatant self serving mendacity coming from the proxy, and that’s how they get placed in the role, are they spiritual helpers or cunts, my laziness just muddies the water.

Anyway, it seems that for a number of reasons, my sojourn at the farm is coming to an end. It’s been beautiful and idyllic in many ways but as we know, the world continues to move forward and never stays still. There have been some miraculous developments which have brought me to the realisation that it’s time to get moving, and there have been movements of a more prosaic nature helping. There are zombies involved, arriving in droves, discussing aspects of their lives before their zombie status became confirmed, mistakenly believing that they’re still alive somehow. I’m here to tell you, zombie conversation is deadly boring. And finally there’s my disgust at the amorality of my appointed proxy to cap it off.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, it started out with a precise direction in mind but now it’s started to meander like a river when it reaches the flatlands. Forming huge sluggish bends and oxbow lakes which fester and develop into wetland habitats for myriad life forms. Grandiose image for a blog post that’s running out of steam, so I’ll finish on this.

Some people are just cunts. That’s it

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