Plato’s Cave

As we near the end of the first week of ‘freedom’, I think it is timely to look at the redefinition of the English language.

The illegal junta that claims to be a democratically elected body announced that from the 19th of July 2021, the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ is officially over, and although the illegal legislation named the Coronavirus Act is still in force, ‘all legal restrictions’ have ended. Before going into the redefining of the meaning of individual words, perhaps I should look at that phrase alone.

The word legal implies that there is something lawful about the government’s actions, and that is misleading. The act of parliament that is named the Coronavirus Act, was never passed by parliament. It was dumped on the table after the house was in recess under the guise of an emergency power. There was no debate and no vote, it was ‘nodded through’, something which I had never heard of and was dismayed to find existed. In essence it means that opposition was assumed not to exist because of the dire nature of the situation, that any who might oppose it were either insane or of sufficiently small number to be not worth consideration, effectively sidelining the parliamentary process completely. To me this means that the process was never legal anyway.

Further to this, the restrictions were never law, and as far as I know, were never claimed to be. They were imposed by edict on the whim of a group called SAGE that had never been subject to the rigours of the electoral process, and who were given the power to rule without oversight through the agency of Public Health England and its shadowy, barely human, leaders. These entities were put in their positions of authority by the machinations of privately funded organisations such as Imperial College, and by one remove, the Gates Foundation. Very few people seem to question the authority of their position, or the right of the public face of totalitarianism, Boris Johnson, to issue such edicts, instead they locked their doors against the imaginary threat and accepted the silver, put on the mask and took it up the arse, meeting their neighbours who were doing likewise, every Thursday, to clap for the murderous bastards of the NHS.

So, by this analysis, the restrictions were never legal, and were never actually restrictions except in the minds of the willingly coerced, seemingly desperate to escape the humdrum nature of their lives, who would do anything to get a few extra days away from their hated daily occupations. To them, the junta seemed to be reasonable and friendly, giving them what they wanted, freedom from responsibility. The evidence of this is to be seen everywhere, with covid being used as an excuse to drop standards. Anecdotally, I have many examples of this, customer service being the main area where it can be seen, but in human interaction too, kindness seems to be in short supply with an underlying nastiness being the norm. Maybe that’s just me.

So, in the lexicon, maybe the first victim of covid was the word legal, closely followed by the word safe.

People say ‘stay safe’ to each other, meaning don’t catch the imaginary virus or, more broadly, just avoid dying. Safe, as a word, has been turned into a hateful term by the illegal actions. Where before, it meant something caring, kindly, and secure, now it means to be afraid of everything outside oneself. Families isolating the elderly ‘for their own good’, accepting that it is not permitted to visit an ill or perhaps dying relative in case this unproven risk should emerge. Safety, in this context, has come to mean something evil and mean-spirited, particularly as the isolated may not understand why they have been deserted except for the ministrations of masked, paid, staff who now treat them as a disease vector rather than a revered older human.

I feel heavy in my stomach when anyone says to me, stay safe, because I know what they mean by it. It means something about the person who says it, too, and I write them off.

On to the latest example of re-definition that has been imposed upon us, I mean, of course, the word freedom.

Freedom has always meant something unfettered, by definition, but now it has come to mean something else. Because of the hypnosis under which the majority of the population are living, freedom now comes with many provisos. Many years ago I was living in Australia, during my time there I used to listen to a programme on the ABC radio which had as a co-host one Ms D Spillane, a partially educated cretin very common in that country, of the type that thinks their university education means they know something, or everything. On one evening, she was making some joke about a Koala who had escaped from the zoo and had then returned, calling this animal the prodigal koala, with reference to the biblical story of the lad who left and then returned to his father’s house. Being almost more pedantic then than I am now, if that is even possible, I called the radio station immediately, thinking, in my ignorance, that this foolish woman would like to be enlightened on her error before making such a ridiculous faux pas again. When I was connected, I explained to her that the word prodigal in the bible story doesn’t refer to the fact that the son left and then returned, but to the fact that he had spunked away his share of his inheritance, that he had begged his father to give him before he left, the word prodigal, I said, means wasteful, therefore, the koala couldn’t correctly be called prodigal, its personal habits being unknown. In my imagination, based on the supposition that I would be conversing with an intelligent person, Ms Spillane would say something like, oh, fuck me, did I really make such a mistake on air, silly me, thanks mate. That is not how it went. She said, oh no, you’re mistaken, that word has come to mean anything that goes away and then comes back again, presumably like a boomerang when correctly thrown. She didn’t say the last bit. To this day, I have been unable to find this definition of the word in any dictionary, it exists only in the mind of people who can’t be bothered to look things up. But it serves to illustrate my point, that word has come to mean something that is other than a dictionary definition through misuse and ignorance, a lack of care really.

Now that freedom from all legal restrictions has been permitted by the jailers, you may have expected the population to emerge blinking into the sunlight, tearing off their face nappies and hugging each other, such as when the last bullets stop flying in a war and peace is declared, but this is not how it is happening because freedom means something different in their minds. Freedom comes with a covenant now, it is bound to the mangled word safe, so freedom is contingent on being ‘safe’, it is not really freedom anymore. The reality is more akin to the inhabitants of Plato’s cave hearing the message that there is a beautiful world outside, they kill the messenger and re-fit the blindfolds.

Certainly, there are many more people now who have embraced the concept with relief if not open joyfulness. Many more unmasked faces are to be seen around, but it has become apparent that the slaves love their fetters more than freedom. The swimming club that my children swim with have urged caution, saying that although the governing body of swimming have removed the restrictions from their website, we should maintain the ‘safety’ practises at the pools until further ‘protocols’ have been put in place. This weekend I am officiating at a swimming meet for ten and eleven-year old children, of an age that have never been required to wear face nappies even during the ‘legal restrictions’. On the notes about the meet issued by Swim England, the governing body of all aquatic activity in the country, say that all swimmers and officials are required to wear masks poolside. The kids must wear a mask up to when they enter the water and must put them on again immediately upon emerging. So now, the ‘trustees’ have been given responsibility, the jailers have gone home and left the door open. Rather then release the prisoners, they are imposing their own fetters. The parents that I have spoken to are only mildly bothered, saying that it makes sense because they are trying to stop transmission. A new level of disbelief has been attained, by me, for them a new depth of ignorance and stupidity.

I am ashamed to admit that I have now received, through the post, a lanyard with a small plastic folder which says that I am exempt from mask wearing. This is the concession I am making in order to be able to support my children in their swimming ambitions, and for me it feels like a relapse. It is as if I have sold myself out, but without this item I will not be permitted poolside without a fight that I am too tired to have. Swim England have refused to answer my emails on the subject, so this is what I must do. It was almost not possible for Swim England to sink further in my estimations after they rolled over and sold out our young swimmers’ lives last year, but this action has managed to achieve that difficult task. So three cheers for them.

It has been suggested that the point of unlocking the doors and allowing the prisoners to emerge is a test to see what proportion are truly brainwashed. Well, the preliminary results are now in. The slaves love their fetters much more than their freedom.

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