Moving right along

I’m not sure what I make of it, honestly. On the face of it, appearances being deceptive, it looks like one thing. It is certainly something else.

I left the farm last week. It’s been home for a while and a place of huge optimism for some of that time. The hope and positive energy was crushed as the status quo reasserted itself. The shitbags be shitbagging as is their wont.

The object lesson, among many others, is that while charisma can be faked by those who have none, actors must always let the mask slip

Anyway (accompanied by a dismissive hand gesture) life goes on. Now, I’m living in a house that I part own that we’re selling. It’s a place that I built and did an amazing job of. I love it here, that’s the truth, a place that holds so many memories for me. This is where I’ve washed up and it’s ok.

My estranged wife, who co owns this house, has failed to die despite being hexed by the witch doctor at the local magic centre (read hospital). The dire predictions have not come to fruition, largely due to the refutation of the sacred power placed in the cunts in white coats. We don’t believe them, hence they have nothing.

I want to write about GNM because it is really magic, but I’d rather you heard about it when it means something to you. That way it’d bring its power when it matters. When your wife is in thrall and the spell needs to be broken, Dr Hamer and his faultless research, proved by thousands of successful cases, will appear to slay the evil sorcerer.

This post is rambling and wandering. I find myself wondering where Sarah is these days, today I thought about her and felt slightly desolate again. This time alone is healing but it’s also wearing, lucky there’s plenty to do these days!

Going live in 5-4-3-2 …..

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