It was like….

Today, I will begin with a spurious, made-up, fact; 98% of what people say to each other is utterly meaningless, and conveys no information worthy of the name.

As I sit in the cafe of choice, I casually overhear the conversations that are unfolding around me. It’s not that I am eavesdropping, no, I am merely in the path of the airborne vibrations which constitute verbal communication. Usually, I am horrified by the drivel that passes for language. Quite often it is possible to hear a person making up a sentence using the word ‘like’, incorrectly, four or five times, or beginning every statement with ‘So…’

These grammatical and semantic solecisms are not even the worst thing about the interchange. The actual content, if it can be called such, doesn’t contain anything of any import. Gossip about the speakers’ peer group members, advice on what they would do if they were in their victim’s place, pointless rambling about rubbish they’d watched on TV, vicarious bragging about their child’s achievements, this makes up the entirety of the spoken exchange.

To paraphrase Huxley, people don’t deserve leisure time because they don’t know how to use it. Labour saving devices have set us free from the drudgery of our existence only to allow us to waste that time. We choose not to discipline ourselves and become better, not creating beauty, artifacts that represent the very best that humans can produce, or on ascending to the zenith of mental prowess, making literature which challenges our fellows to climb higher than ever thought possible, or on charitable works, setting up systems that sweep aside the scourge of poverty. No, the time we have been given is thrown in the bin, squandered.

When the illegal junta in Whitehall obeyed their paymasters and overlords, and imposed house arrest on the sheep that reside within the homes in this country, I was a different person. Over the years I had come to believe every lie that had ever been told me. Dinosaurs, NASA, viruses, the disease model, democracy, history, yes, all that bullshit had been fully integrated in my psyche without question. In my spare time I watched films, sport, TV series, without discrimination and without realising how I was being programmed. All those subliminal messages that keep the population powerless, the message that even our sovereign bodies are not our own, we need another programmed drone in a white coat to inject us with poisons in order for us to be well, these are pushed in every book, film and TV programme. It is only the authors and filmmakers who tell the correct story that are able to reach a wider audience. The person that I was, was content to see his life pass by, chasing the chimera that I was told were important. Part of that life was sitting in coffee shops, indiscriminately, osmotically, absorbing the sociableness.

At first, when the coffee shops were closed down, I missed that feeling, resenting that it had been taken away from me. But, by the time the sheep were allowed to re enter these places, I had changed. The scales had fallen from my eyes and I could see through the lens of the covid lie that the latest outrage perpetrated on us, the livestock on the farm, was just that, the most recent in a long, long, series of indignities. We have been lied to for so long that we don’t want the truth anymore. After learning that a vote for anyone is a choice to outsource ones sovereignty to another, to give a proxy, and after finding out that the disease model we have been sold is nothing more than a fear tactic to keep us in our place, and seeing that the propaganda machine grinds on, making sure that we never question the party line, and after cancelling Netflix, ignoring the bread and circus activity, I went back into a coffee shop expecting my innocent pleasure to be resumed.

Now, I could hear with new ears the bleating of the sheep. No one was complaining about the theft of their childrens’ lives, no one was talking about the blatant scam that had been sold to them. The talk was of how to resume their foreign travel, how great it was that we were all going to be kept safe with a rushed through untested poison jab, how to manoeuvre through the new system, where to get the best face masks from. My innocence and naivety had been stripped away. All I could think as I heard the chatter, these people could do with a bit of real hardship in their lives.

The ability to communicate has been destroyed by the mobile phone, that, like, is like, how it is.

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